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Police Officers Shoot at Their Own Reflection

         Ever Have That Helpless Feeling, Of Being Framed And "NO ONE WILL HELP!, that no entity of society will help? My name is Pete Garcia and I was forced into a life altering conspiracy involving the corrupt judicial system involving the Sheriff Department, the District Attorney's Office and a few "rubber-stamp" judges of Jefferson County, Colorado. Been villainized by the press, shunned by the legal community, I have had to endure surmounting elements (including family and employment) and foresee a greater debt in my effort to expose what I consider of great public interest, a gross injustice by those yet to be unmasked in this intriguing cover up. Some might define it as Outrageous Government Conduct, I define it as WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!!
            New to the computer technology, I was looking for unwavering, unintimidateable, qualified assistance in exposing/resolving a conspiracy originally filed for 60 million in Federal Court. At this point in time, I feel too proud/hesitate to ask for donations to help unvail a well documented conspiracy gone awry. I believe "the slow wheels of Justice" will not address my accusations before I meet my demise.   
A donation will help expose/resolve/remedy* a conspiracy. The money donated will be used for legal costs, fees, and ongoing living expenses pertaining to these matters.
             Pay Pal was chosen to collect donations because they offer secure transactions, they have a strong reputation for online monetary transactions and they are a trusted third party. The personal information that is collected as part of your donation process will be kept strictly confidential.
---"Trying to defend myself so that it may help those of our Nation from those 'within'"--- Thank You.

Follows is some correspondence that might answer some questions:
Hi Max,
             How time flies, doesn't it? Pete Garcia (not Gatcia, forgot to proofread last time.) It was very comforting to read the file is safely preserved, it stays in the back of my mind as (during the year) I continue to expose what I consider of great public interest. To partly answer your questions I thought I would send you a copy of what I have been sending to various entities, this one in particular to the Colo. ACLU. As an element of this conspiracy, (after recently reading Justia US, 64 F.3d 669: Garcia v. Johnson.) and considering my agreement they pled guilty to, among other statutes, C.R.S. 18-8-111 (filing false reports), and C.R.S. 18-8-114 (abuse of public records), I'm believing there was a manipulation of the record by the county in order for the all involved to advance in their careers. I feel any response to my documented allegations will unleash who knows what. Just wanted to drop you a quick note, take care. Pete

            To Whom It May Concern, my request for legal help. My ordeal began in 1987 with the intent to conspire and violate against me was orchestrated by the Jefferson County Sheriff Department and others as Ken Rock, Tom Leadabrand and Mark Pautler of the District Attorneys' Office in Jefferson County, Colorado.
           Originally was in contact with Allen Sadler (ACLU) documenting my encounters of police actions. Questioning warrants, declaring never being arrested, trying to relay information as being shot at upwards of 200 times within a 20 ft. distance, used as as bodyshield, placed in high security solitary confinement for almost 9 months, no recreational relief in that duration, strip searched in and out of my cell, rumors of a possible self-inflicted suicide. Subsequently, the deliberate destruction of evidence prior to trials, photographed stealing of personal property by officials as Investigator R.E. Nichelson, theft of piggy banks, paper money, jewelry, land and cars in police custody and evidence rooms, excessive bond ($1,000,000.00), reduced in one day to $50.00 (mysterious to me who supplied the bond), the confiscation of clothing leaving me virtually naked to leave the jail.
           Upon release was again appealing for help from Jim Joy of the ACLU, no assistance, the National Headquarters of the ACLU stating cases are usually accepted because of their constitutional violations. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission projecting it did not have anything to do with civil rights. The Rutherford Foundation, John Whithead stating they did not handle issues of attorney malpractice. The Christic Foundation, The Washington Legal Foundation and on and on. The F.B.I. office in Denver told me they would contact me concerning my allegations of corruptness in Jefferson County. No follow-up. Ultimately trying to appeal to President Clinton for assistance, was refused revealing they could not interfere due to pending litigation, nothing to date.
           Representative Pat Schroeder informed me they were only able to address federal issues. Representative Ben Nighthorse Campbell, no response. Representative Joel Hefley, no response. Then Colorado Attorney General, no response. Contacted U.S. Attorney Henry L. Solano, requesting assistance asking the U.S. Attorneys' Office come forward to the federal judiciary to disavow the lies contained in the Jeffco Swat team incident report. Was refused and apparently followed by an investigation and indictment of counsel Mr. DeRose, by the same U.S. Attorneys' Office.
            Documentation about questionable procedures demonstrated by the judges of Jefferson County. Judge Kim Goldberger was blind to the fact the District Attorneys' Office did not have a case and failed to disclose any reason for an excessive $1,000,000.00 bond. Judge Henry Nieto was overturned on his acceptance of a plea he should not have allowed in his courtroom. (Over 9 months in isolation, my brother, co-defendant, Judge Nieto would sentence to prison relying on the same false information supplied to him. Another unrelated case, Judge Nieto sentenced another brother to quite a number of years, my believing the length of sentence to be calculated wrong.) Judge Winston W. Wolvington displayed rulings, being portrayed as a "rubber stamp" judge, used in the ill-conceived actions documented by many in this case. Judge Edward W. Nottingham left me confused and intimidated.
            All monies confiscated, Jefferson County Public Defender, John Portman was extremely professional labeling me "crazy" for tenacity to pursue Jefferson County through the legal maze they had set before me. Sharing the fact that to litigate with Jefferson County I could fall victim to serving 48 yrs., due to the wrongful acts of many in Jefferson County. Coercion is the only word that comes to mind for Public Defender of Jefferson County, Todd Nelson, as he blaring stated "Should you pursue, I will inform the court that I have strongly advised you to drop this case!" Robin Desmond, Deputy State Public Defender, was highly professional with the hard facts before her, forcing Jefferson County to appeal her findings of facts. Barbara S. Blackman, Chief Appellant Deputy, was equally professional in the handling of hard facts before her, easily winning in the Colorado Court of Appeals against Jefferson County.
            Investigative findings of Max Scott, top notch investigator of The Forensic Trio. Inc., website-Oedipus, Inc., would prove contrary to police. Findings revealed officers entered 3 ft. into the home in question without warning, (mutilating my pet dogs chained to their doghouse), spraying the interior of the home with automatic gunfire creating a unilateral gunfight with their own reflections of muzzle flashes in mirrors that were part of the interior of the home. 3 officers alleged being wounded by 1 shot from the home. Surmounting facts of truth led to multiple admissions of guilt, translated to me as what was needed to further uncover the injustice set before me.
           In 1996, after 10 yrs. of litigation, (9 officers, Jon Noth, Kevin Cartica, James Brad Johnson, Randy West, Sergeant Barry Williams, Major Anthony Datillo, to name a few), as part of a judgment admit guilt to conspire, falsify and deprive. Under representation of counsel, admitting to violating several penal statutes, including but not limited to; a-18 U.S.C. 241 (conspiracy against civil rights), b-18 U.S.C. 22341 (willfully exceeding authority grant in a search warrant), c-C.R.S. 18-8-111 (filing false reports), d-C.R.S. 18-8-114 (abuse of public records), e-C.R.S. 18-8-404 (first degree official misconduct), f-C.R.S. 18-8-502 (perjury in the first degree), g-C.R.S. 18-8-504, 505 (false swearing).
           My understanding to acquire paid counsel, is that they work for the client. My experience documents that the shinanigans of many in the legal community is primarily in place to separate a victim from their monies. No money, no representation. No money, no due justice. Craig Cornish seemed to be my best hope at acquiring a professional to resolve the issues at hand, but was unable to afford him due to the plunder I was enduring. Michael Canges, (Canges & Iwashko), was a sell-out to the family confidence and would not confront the facts at hand. Jeffery Pagliuca was powerless to reveal the facts. -Proving to be true, Barney Iuppa (eventually becoming a judge in Colorado Springs) informed me that I would not find a lawyer to take my case. To do so would be committing political suicide. Rejections are numerous. Mr. Iuppa further informed me Ken Rock had been seeking employment with ElPaso County. His unethical practices were in part due to his rejection.- Russell E. Vigil was eventually obtained, filing a claim of $60,000,000.00, defendants to be sued collectively and individually, derailed addressing the issue of Municipal Liability. Assumptively, Mr. Vigil was disbarred for issues of practicing law. Sued Mr. Vigil, a self-proclaimed cocaine addict, receiving a judgement regarding malpractice. Edward LaBarre was handling the attorney malpractice issue, informing him of my continuing effort to pursue. Moving to California Mr. LaBarre said he would be in contact. Seems to me that this case could be a learning tool for the legal universities. In part a Harvard lawyer versus a Hardvard lawyer.(although it was an ex-marine, a concerned citizen that helped in my understanding of the case, Brian Lilley, 719-440-3194.) Observing how universities pump out law graduates year after year but sparce to nonexistant help for the hard issues of life.
         Mr. Vigil was trying to make my case findings and information available to the Columbine Commission. Meeting with "Top Cop" James Bradley, investigator for out of state counsel Peter Grenier, would inform us to facts that those in the Jefferson County Sheriffs' Department would not cooperate in the truth finding process, describing them as a bunch of derelict cowboys. We disclosed that we had roughly $500,000.00 worth of paperwork we felt relevent to their case.     
           Before you say this case is too old, I can only point to the ongoing ramifications that continue to surmount from this wave of conspiracy and abuse of power. A couple of years ago, a bogus conviction for harassment before Judge Robert B. Warron in Colorado Springs. I had requested to be represented but was denied. His ineptitude became evident, ruling on evidence fitting of a vicious physical assault. My criminal record was brought into account for a Pre-Sentence Investigative Report, a fictitious filing of charges, filed undoubtly by my conspiratorial adversaries in Jefferson County. Looking for counsel in Colorado Springs is narrowto non-existent for the issues at hand.
           The denials and inability to acquire a stable job, simply to sustain a livelihood, requiring clean background checks.
           The Governors' Columbine Review Commission failed to disclose facts of my case focusing on lack of training and police misconduct. Randy West, after admitting to violating several penal codes had advanced to Sargeant Randy West, a squad leader entering the Columbine High School. 141 unanswered shots fired into the school, any professional will tell you it only takes one shot, if trained in the use of firearms. Anything more, is strickly incompetence.
           In asking for assistance you ask for who, what, where, when, and why. I speak from documentation which is vast but available to any seeking it. You say evidence is lost and people move. While I was collecting evidence of truth the opposition was arguing procedure, all the while destroying evidence to seemingly cry foul at a later time. Randy L. Smith openly admit to destruction of evidentiary tapes prior to proceedings. Charles Graf, evidence custodian, referred all questions of missing items to the District Attorneys' Office, a response of "go away boy, who cares!" Destruction by arson, of the family home, the Firechief of Idledale saying he was able to save the structure calling the District Attorneys' Office, replying "Let it burn," the home was evidence and a ploy to render us homeless.
             Imploring for assistance, I can understand an "incident" occurring too far back, may be too late for a legal remedy. The facts scream this is a "conspiracy by many," a "conspiracy" that has not yet reached its' end. Their motive, the full truth of all the facts has not yet been disclosed so that a civil legal remedy can take place. Who has the overall justification, the known conspiratorial many or the sole victim of integrity? Is the intimidation of Jefferson County too great to challenge?
           Who, what, where, etc., well, there sure are a lot of named "who's" and documentation of actions taken. Shunned by the legal community and countless groups and organizations that claim to stand for confronting facts of issue, and the continuing lack of money, I decided to once again request assistance of the ACLU,(response pending), in confronting facts of issue and facts yet to come. I've experienced and always labeled it as a lack of responsibility and accountability. When the ugly face of depression makes its' usual round, taking into account multiple rejections, who cares about the actions of the many in positions of trust? Why harm myself because of others? Why shoot myself because of others? Shoot them. (I do have a theory that I could legally shoot my assailants in the denial of a civil outcome by the courts.)
             One problem. There are so many of them! Maybe, you could help me figure out how to round 'em up in a room so I can blow them all up at once, maybe offer them free donuts, or maybe a free T.V.? What do you think might most entice crooked judges or crooked district attorneys' to attend? (Think, I still have a little bit of humor in me?)
           Seriously, trying to pursue a positive conclusion to such a negative living sequence, confronting and disclosing what I consider of great public interest and learning. Bluntly, life turned to shit, where does honesty get you? If you don't help who do I go to, where do I go?
With All Due Respect, Pete

From: Max Scott <[email protected]>
To: 'Pete Garcia' <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 8:23 AM
Subject: RE: Max Scott

Sorry for a slow response. Luckily business has been good and I am in trial this week.
I am glad to read you are alive and well. Welcome to the 21st century with your computer and email communications. Computers have changed everything in the forensic industry.
Did you get any money out of your law suit with JefCo? I still have you file locked up in a safe place.
Max J. Scott
the Forensic Trio, Inc.
"Something taken, something left."
PO Box 1012
Lafayette, Co. 80026 USA
Office: 303 661 0638
Facsimile: 303 604 2862
From: Pete Garcia [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 11:27 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Max Scott
MAX, being in a certain state of mind and trying to use and understand how to use my computer I thought I'd type up Max Scott, Investigator. Your picture popped up and it made my day! I am forever grateful to have met the good professional person that you are. I'm Pete Gatcia, I hope you remember me, you was the investigator in my case vs. Jefferson County a number of years back. I am still focused on pursuing individual civil remedies, or remedies, to my ordeal. Aimed at issues of financial distress, mental distress and all issues associated by the blatant actions documented by all individual participants involved, what I consider rogue cops like Jon Noth, Kevin Cartica, James Brad Johnson or Randy West to name a few (of 9) from Jefferson County Sheriff Department that admit to violating several penal codes as first degree perjury, filing false reports and conspiracy against civil rights to name a few, only to prosper in their careers. I have an issue of conspiracy orchestrated with the help of others such as Ken Rock and Tom Leadabrand in the District Attorneys Office of Jefferson County. I received a judgment in 1996 which released the county, since then confronting issues relevant to my case which brings me to date, trying to finish what I consider an ordeal of great public interest, representation has been terrible to none existant to say the least for now.
Thru the years, to anybody that I speak to, when it's appropriate I tell them how great a person are!! Not to ramble or take your time I just wanted to say HI. In short, life has been intricate, hard to believe. Still in Colo. Spgs, same house different circumstances, presently unemployed or between jobs, phone still in use (719-591-1631), an email address, still trying to pursue a positive conclusion to such a negative sequence.
Take care, for now. Pete.
          *When you come to find out there is not justice for "all" like grade school kids are "guided" to recite in the pledge of allegance, "and justice for all," when you find out first hand "what a croak," make justice for yourself. Forget all that money attorney's rip you off for, only to guide you to "plea agreements," "Alford agreements," etc., you are innocent, period! Demand that the justice system take it's head out of it's 18th century mentality and deal with me including present day technology and the advancement of human education based on common sense. When they refuse to listen to pleas of the innocent and it gets to those life changing words "You Have The Right To An Attorney", maybe it can become common place to demand to undergo a small barrage of tests that will show efforts of innocense. Beyond denial alone, I would submit to polygraph testing, voice stress analysis everytime I spoke, hypnosis, be injected with truth serum, DNA testing, "waterboarding". Not all are admissable in court but when pursued with life altering crimes, piss on the courts and the time they devour, I would be focused on showing my innocense. Once I show the misconduct and abuse of power by those responsible, consequesences should be automatic and not "allow" them to cower under "immunity" for their actions. 
          Given the fact that society believes that suicide is on top of the worst sins for man to commit, I (society) do not want to be responsible for pulling that switch (taking life). Make a special facility that the proven scumbags can take their own life. Pull their own switch by means of a knife, poison, bullet, electrocution, hanging, etc., monitoring the room till it records no life. Imagine the repentiveness that would be recorded. Remember the execution of the Texas Railroad murderer, his knees started shaking as society progressed to execute him. At this level any proven scumbag should believe they will be responsible for one last action of their life!!!! ---
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